The Royal Sovereign Imperial Court of the
Central Texas Empire Proudly Presents
Our College of Monarchs.

Barony de Waco

Carma Sue & Richard Tracy

Emperor & Empress I

Richard Tracy & Carma Sue Snow

Emperor & Empress II

L.T. Snow & Jennifer Caroll Snow

Emperor & Empress III

Patrick Redford & Sheena le Sha’

Emperor & Empress IV

Patrick Redford & Sheena le Sha’

Emperor V

C.J. Stratford

Reign VI
Emperor & Empress VII

Parker Wilson & Charity Ball

Emperor & Empress VIII

Parker Wilson & Charity Ball

Emperor IX

John Cameron Orr

Emperor & Empress X

Dave & Selma Wedgewood

Emperor & Empress XI

J. Edward & Christina Nicole Ravenworth

Emperor and Empress XII

Christopher St James Carrington and Empress Kat

Reign XIII
Empress XIV


Emperor XV

CJ Stratford

Reign XVI

Emperor & Empress XVII

Ron Wersal & Sapphire Rose


Absolute Empress Elect XVII

Jaydis Codean

Emperor & Empress XVIII

Ron Wersal & Sapphire Rose

Emperor & Empress XIX

Just Ree & Just Sam

Emperor & Empress XX

Just Ree & Just Sam

Empress XXI

Just Adrienne Angel

Empress XXII

Just Devereaux Mouse

Empress XXIII

Shanda LaVera

Emperor XXIV and Empress XXIV

Jon Woodward-Cuadrado and Shanda LaVera

Emperor XXV and Empress XXV

Phoenix Grayskull and Delightful Tickles

Absolute Empress XXVI 

Shanda LaVera Whitney