The Royal, Sovereign and Imperial Court of the Central Texas Empire Presents

Coronation XXVI

~June 27, 2020~

Fellow Courtiers, Friends, and Family! You are hereby cordially invited to Coronation 26: A Beach Party at the Silver Palace! We are excited to celebrate another successful year of fundraising and celebrate another new beginning with Reign 26!
We know this year has started off with unprecedented concerns of safety and health with the Covid-19 outbreak affecting our global family, and are prepared to maintain all of our guests safety and health concerns with the utmost priority. With this in mind, we are moving to a VIRTUAL CORONATION CEREMONY!!
This event will be hosted on Zoom and streamed through FaceBook Live, Saturday June 27th at 6pm
Join us online as we celebrate the step down of Emperor 25 Phoenix Grayskull and Empress 25 Delightful Tickles!!